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September 12, 2010
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CampanellaxGiovanni by TsukaimonBOOM CampanellaxGiovanni by TsukaimonBOOM
Campanella and Giovanni from Night on the Galactic Railroad. For those who think I'm a yaoi fangirl through and through for shipping these two, come off it. I try to ship at least one thing for everything I'm a fan of. It's a force of habit, whether it be two males, a male and a female, or two females. I try to analyze any relationship possibilities between characters, and even if there is none, I'll still attempt to ship it. Doesn't mean I believe it'll happen; just means I think it's cute.

Campanella and Giovanni seems like it would be the only plausible couple, unless you are full of hetero. Then you could ship one of them with the girl they meet for a few minutes. But other than that, these two have the only 'deep' relationship in the book and film.
WOOP-DE-DE-DOO Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree, I agree~ I was put onto the Earth in order TO ship, so it's required of me to shipat least one pairing for every show/book/movie/place I go to. I don't even care abou their gender, if I see potential, I ship it. And I don't just ship to ship, I look at who they are, how they treat each other, how old they are, etc. Although I do have a tendency to ship more female/male couples, but that's probably because most of the people I know are straight. :/


This looks amazing. ;3;
TsukaimonBOOM Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
lol, I think perhaps Campanella and Giovanni are to young to like people, but come on, the two are very close. But for some things, like LotF, there are no girls, so the only possible thing would be a male, or if there was just females, etc. And even if there is no proof of a shipping, it's still fun to imagine, like, "What if so and so did this...?" Like Amaya x Lucy is nowhere near canon, but it's still fun to imagine. One thing that might make me seem like a hopeless yaoi fangirl is if there ARE females in it, but I simply pair the males together. When that happens, a lot of the time it results from a dislike of those females. Like, in South Park, I dislike a lot of the females.

Lol, you're fine. |D;

And thank you!
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